OC Weekly Blog Turns into Mexican Bashfest

The tragic news of Angels pitching prospect Nick Adenhart dying yesterday in Fullerton as a result of a drunk driver has shocked the sports world. The 22 year old right-hander was celebrating his first start of the season with some friends when his life ended too soon. The Angels, who recently got a strong six-inning scoreless effort from Adenhart, postponed yesterday’s game and will be honoring him in tonight’s game.

Police arrested the suspect who ran a red light and smashed into the car Adenhart was traveling in killing three in total. His name is Andrew Gallo, and once his photograph was published it became an occasion for some readers of the OC Weekly’s “Navel Gazing” blog on the story to engage in some Mexican bashing. (Gallo could be Italian and I haven’t yet been able to find a confirmation of his ethnic background)

Nevertheless, from the very first comment, racism cast its hateful shadow. Here are some samples of the vitriol spewing from numerous posters:

“I just knew the guy who killed Adenhart and his friends was going to be a Mexican. They just released the drunk drivers name and photo, and sure enough he is a Mexican.”

“…and Gallo could be the famous wine maker…but this murdering tamale eating, pinata beating, sub human is not… he is a dirty, filthy wetback.”

“Mexicans are scum and contribute nothing to this country. The USC student was killed by a Mexican also!! Look at their neighborhoods, the yard are trashy, dirty, weed filled. They have no self respect, why are they going to respect others. Mexicans are a weak cowardly race.”

Isn’t it truly sad that the death of this promising young Major League Baseball pitcher has been hijacked by racists who want to bash Mexican people with all their stereotypes about them, and seethe hatred? This morning, during a taped interview on the future of U.S. – Cuba relations, a “random” caller screamed my ear off about how we should be covering “illegal alien drunk drivers” who are ruining this country. It is the people who are drunk with racism that are driving this country down a dangerous path.

10 responses to “OC Weekly Blog Turns into Mexican Bashfest

  1. I thought this was just a local phenomenon that I’d observed. Every time that someone appeared to be of Latino/Hispanic appearance or heritage would be mentioned in the media as connected with a crime, the racists would immediately come out of the woodworks. Blogs and forums would be filled with commentary about how “illegals” (without ever bothering to ascertain whether or not the person in question was or wasn’t) are ruining this country.

    Which is not to say there aren’t illegal immigrants here who are in fact “ruining the country.” But there are likely even more American citizens, and specifically, non-Latino/Hispanic people doing exactly the same, and no one ever seems to be concerned with their immigration status.

  2. Well, as my friend at the OC Weekly Gustavo Arellano will say, “OC is the Mexican bashing capital of the world.” This type of hate wasn’t unexpected here, but it’s truly more disgusting when it injected itself into this tragic story from the get go…

    But the hate is pervasive. A quick gaze at the TMZ comments on this story reveal the same shit, like this screed:

    “If that illegal toilet scrubber didn’t come to this country illegaly this young man would still be alive today. Thanks Mexico. Nothing but bad DNA and low IQ’s bred in that country. Newsflash if you are born in the U.S. you are American.”

  3. It’s a shame that he died the way he did, but it’s a shame that this tragic story has turned into a racial issue once again.

  4. At least commentators on our blog are fighting back against racist pendejos; I can only imagine the insanity at the OC Register and other websites…

  5. Yeh right… we are being over-run by non-white illegals.
    Hispanics are 14% of us population yet attribute to 40% of the crime.
    If Mexicans are so great why is Mexico such a bucket of shit?

  6. Jenn –

    If you’re going to troll here, try to at least come with some original material that you haven’t spammed the Weekly with!

  7. Gustavo Arellano

    Jenn: Do us all a favor and go give your man a blowjob to shut your filthy mouth for at least a second!

  8. Gustavo:
    Why don’t you give your man a blowjob…

  9. Hey y’all. I know this is kindve late, but You all need to know something: MEXICANS ARE SCUM!!! Yep. I said it. They are greedy, flithy pieces of nacho covered shit who do nothing all fuking day. I mean, they are the sole reason behind swine flu. How dou you think they got a pig disease anyway? Obviously they have been screwing livestock. Food that eventually ends up in my white mouth.

  10. wow. mexican bashing all the way from Taiwan.

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