Does Turkey Still Have the U.S. by the Giblets?

Acclaimed Armenian musician Serj Tankian and his fellow musical comrades including Tom Morello, and Boots Riley all speak to the historical and political importance of recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the above video. Under former President Bush, the U.S. cared too much about the geo-strategic importance of Turkey that this historical campaign of mass death against the Armenian people from 1915-1922 that claimed 1.5 million lives could not be called the “G” word.

It’s been 94 years since that has been the rule of thumb for U.S. presidents whether they have belonged to the Democratic or Republican parties.  President Barack Obama won election on the theme of “change,” and pledged previously that once in the White House he would call the annihilation of million and a half Armenians at the turn of the 20th century a genocide.

Will the fact that he has to deal with the Iraq war and occupation- and thus the importance of Turkish support – during his administration be enough for Turkish government officials and lobbyists to make him betray a campaign promise? Or will President Obama break political convention and call the historical episode a genocide on April 24th, the official date of commemoration?

Does Turkey and its genocide deniers still have the U.S. by the giblets? Time will tell…


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