Hungry Woman in Santa Ana

Libreria Martinez in Santa Ana recently moved from its longtime location to its children’s store next door. Though smaller than its original spot, Ruben Martinez’s newly reconstituted bookstore is still committed to bringing in the big names to share the gift of storytelling with the community. In that spirit, Josefina Lopez, of “Real Women Have Curves” fame, will be presenting her first novel “Hungry Woman in Paris,” in Santa Ana at Libreria Martinez this Thursday. Once again in the super chingon Latino LA website, the screenwriter/novelist said, “I’m excited to once again return to Libreria Martinez – a place that always receives me with open arms and where I feel right at home.”

The evening will also feature Gardenia performing acoustic versions of their music. Lopez, who recently turned 40 years old, will be flexing her artistic presence in Santa Ana later this month as well when her environmentally conscious play “When Nature Calls,” opens on April 17th at the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Space. As always, don’t be a pendejo by missing any of these vibrant cultural events in the community!


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