Monica Palacios Breaks it Down

Forget all of that Catholic controversy regarding President Obama and Norte Dame because it’s really all about Monica Palacios and Loyola Marymount University! The muy funny and talented Chicana writer and performer emailed me today to tell me that she will be taking to the stage next month at the Catholic institution of higher learning. Now Palacios is a busy woman, and takes to many stages at many colleges and universities across the country. With that said, what makes this particular performance at LMU noteworthy?

An interview in the super chingon Latino LA website with the performer and former LMU teacher reveals:

It’s a great institution. I’ve met a lot of great professors there; I’ve met a lot of great students there. But, it had a history of not recognizing LGBT students. Since the 1980’s the students wanted more visibility, they had to fight for years to be recognized and now they are. I have to take my hat off to them. At one point they even presented LMU with a lawsuit. This was happening in the 1990s and the students had many hurdles to jump over to make their presence known. By 2005 the group became known at the Gay Straight Alliance. They have been producing mostly workshops and panels. And the show that I’m doing on April 13 is the first live performance by a gay performer on this campus.

Kudos to Loyola Marymount for being more civilized than – say – the nefarious website “La Voz de Aztlan,” or the religious conservative voters in the state of Califonia last November who helped pass Proposition 8. Monica Palacios has made a career of breaking down barriers with her craft and it’s good to see her still working on making society a better place through theater and laughter.


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