Chub Rock Restaurants

I don’t know exactly when I became much more food conscious, but I’m glad it happened. I know one factor revolves around once upon a time when my homie had a book lying around his pad that posted the calorie counts of spots like Outback Steakhouse. A delicious plate of Aussie Cheese Fries (pictured above) would clog arteries at a rate of 2,000 calories! Of course, sodium, fat and calorie counts are as ghost at restaurant chains and fastfood joints as unionized workers! So, thankfully, I consciously began to change my eating habits and now can’t even look at a burger on a billboard without reviling it!

Without calorie counts posted, the best we can do is order veggie options in the hopes that they prolong our lives just a few years longer! Or, in this case, we have surveys like the current “America’s Unhealthiest Restaurants” study that graded popular establishments on how quick they will make us into chub rocks. Carl’s Jr. – whose Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger I miss so! – came in with a D+ and definitely was the worse burger joint listed.

Three restaurants are listed on the grading survey of worst places to eat that probably have a little something to do with drinking. If your the type to get a middle of the week happy hour buzz going on you might head out to Chili’s or TGIF’s. If so, please keep it to the drinks! I’ve never really understood why people go to these places to eat and their food grades are a good indictator as to why they indeed shouldn’t. Chili’s weighs in at a D while TGIF gets an F!

Now, I know I said there was three alcohol related restaurants that didn’t make the grade. Last but not least is Denny’s. Of course, people don’t go to eat at Denny’s while ordering some drinks. (although my friend’s brother did indeed try to get a waitress to bring him a bloody mary once!)  No! On the contrary, they go to Denny’s after they are emaciated from bar hoping. With Denny’s weighing in at a grade of a D+, alcohol can be said once more to influence poor decisions! Who really gets down on breakfast slams at 3 a.m. anyway? I can’t do it…


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