American Patrol on the Verge!

I was born in East LA! I was born in East LLLLLAAAA!

You know it is rough economic times when nativist websites such as Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol Report are  soliciting donations to keep running! Always a favored site of mine to laugh at xenophobic stupidities while at the same time being horrified at the vile expressed, a visit to today revealed a banner item declaring its operating budget only has two more days left.

Seemingly a problem since this February, the page asking for online donations states that the site costs $150 per day to stay online. If true, it means that the poorly designed and incredibly costly website needs, on any typical month, $4,500 to continue! The American Patrol Report also makes mention that it has a reserve of $1,500 to exhaust but if no one gives $300 dollars in the next two days, than the online volcanic spewer of anti-immigrant hate goes silent!

I’m quite surprised by the straightforward tone of the solicitations. With folks like Glenn Spencer, I fully expected a campaign of fear tactics. Where’s the racist notion that if goes dark, the “dirty-Mexican” border-crossing reconquista flood gates will overflow by the coming of Hurricane Cochina?


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