Love is…a Massacre?

Let’s be honest. As an alternative, “Singles Awareness Day,” ain’t really kickin’ unless there’s a hookup involved. If that’s not how the day turned out for you last weekend, or if you had someone and were disappointed by a soured night of netflix and Del Taco or incessant drama, then come vent this Saturday at the Breath of Fire Theater Space in Santa Ana. Poets, Playwrights, and Actors associated with “The Nomads Womb” are presenting “A Love Massacre: We’re Not Bitter.” (Yeah right!)

This weekend’s event comes way of executive producer Jacqueline Bustamante and all proceeds at the door help fund an original production in New York City. “Why Not Love,” a one act written by Daniel Penilla promises to ruminate about how relationships shape the people we become. “The Meaning Less,” will be the work of spoken word artist Diego Gomez and “A Valentine’s Day Massacre,” by Juan Ramirez is a film short of vignettes about four couples and cupid day.

C’mon, what else are you going to do? Go to the Gardenwalk in Anaheim? Wack shit…


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