Pequeño Gigante’s “Orange Grove”

A press release today announced that Pequeño Gigante’s latest film “Orange Grove” is already in pre-production. Making it noteworthy, the forthcoming title comes from Salvadoran writer J.E. Ruiz, and will be based on the Latino experience growing up in Orange County. Imagine that! A Latino writer/director scripting a film about Latinos in OC. We can tell our own stories after all!

The project is set to be filmed in Orange County this June and will be a coming of age tale for two young protagonists. A casting call for the feature reveals character breakdowns such as “Ivan,” an 18 year old senior in high school who is socially dependent on alcohol and “Stephanie,” who fronts like she’s hard. There are, of course, cholo characters in “Orange Grove.”  Let’s just hope they are believable and the plot steers clear of predictable cliches.

For now, I’m just glad that there will be an independent film about Latinos in OC that won’t suffer from the projectionist interpretations of the likes of “Wassup Rockers,” and “Quinceañera.”


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