ABC: Halt Homeland TV’s “Sweeps” Week

The naked propaganda of the state in the form of ABC’s weekly “Homeland Security USA,” psuedo-reality television show continues unabated. Every since its advance promotional commercial spots ran during mega-rated televised sporting events, the desperate attempt by the DHS to rehabilitate its public image has drawn strong criticism.

Detractors of the show rightly point out that the framing of ABC’s prime-time program is inherently political and fails to show a more honest portrait of the department’s actions by omitting its Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s terrorizing raids on immigrant families as well as its troublesome detention facilities that have engendered numerous lawsuits.

Thankfully, an activist group, the Southern California Immigration Coalition, will finally be hosting a protest this Sunday to demand the removal of “Homeland Security USA” from ABC’s airwaves. Here is their list of demands and the time and location of this weekend’s action:

Our main objectives are:

1. To publicly DENOUNCE the show and demand that it be taken off the air IMMEDIATELY.
2. To point out to the network’s executives that airing this program condones racism and xenophobia against the Latino, Middle Eastern and other communities of color.
3. To put all corporate sponsors of the show on notice that we condemn their support of Homeland Security USA and that we will not hesitate to implement actions against those who do.
4. To inform the general public that this show glorifies local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, specifically, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), which continues to terrorize and separate immigrant families across the country through raids and other unlawful acts of aggression, oppression and detention.
5. To remind Disney that if it is going to promote itself as a family institution then it must stop supporting, funding, producing and distributing shows that willfully endorse these and other atrocities against immigrant communities.

2400 W. Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91521
Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 4:00PM
Robert Skeels, (213) 234-8561
Robert Eukovich, (760) 805-5969


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