Wondering “What the Shit?”

In the documentary, “Before the Music Dies,” the idea is put forth that the music industry is so corporatized these days that real musicians like the late Ray Charles would have a hell of a time getting a record deal. Sound farfetched? If anyone needed reassuring of the truth of this, the Grammy’s presented it by paring the Jonas Brothers with the legendary Stevie Wonder for a performance during the awards show.

It was the perfect juxtaposition of what the music industry once was and what it has sadly now become. In what amounts to an insult, not only did Wonder have to actually play with these mega-wankers, his classic song “Superstition,” had to follow their jam “Burnin’ Up.” It was just terrible to hear Joe Jonas take turns screeching and murdering to death Wonder’s lyrics while his brothers smothered the icon’s space bantering to the crowd, “give it up for Stevie.” Heresy of the highest order!

Is this what it has come to? Yes! The empire is crumbling right before our very eyes!


4 responses to “Wondering “What the Shit?”

  1. It is a pathetic, but possibly necessary development. Maybe it will become obvious how lame things have become.

  2. Hi Jeremy –

    Nice to see you on this blog!

    Well, if this performance doesn’t do it for folks, nothing will! haha.

  3. I could not agree more…I wrote a disparaging article about the jonas brothers and was bombarded with hate mail from people telling me I was “jealous” or “bitter” that the JB’s are the “biggest boy band in the word.” Dark forces are at work in the music industry…I would like like to put a link to your article on my site…you can take a look at mine as well: http://bit.ly/Y3WSJ

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