Krudas Cubensi – La Gorda

Krudas Cubensi – a trio of female MC’s originating from Cuba – just dropped a video for their song “La Gorda” off of their Kandela album. As with anything relating to real Cuban hip hop (not that fake shit Pitbull fronts) Krudas Cubensi are bringing a voice and a style unaccostomed to in our hypermaterialistic culture. This feminist joint flips the script challenging perceptions of beauty all contained within the impressive, rapid fire flows of Pasa Kruda. Bump this and let your belly hang…


One response to “Krudas Cubensi – La Gorda

  1. Hola Gabriel,
    Mejor dejare crecer mi panza! jaja
    This is beautiful, really.. How unfortunate that many girls here in The States don’t really have music like this, casi que me puse a llorar because as you put it, our hypermaterialism has significantly distorted our views on beauty. It’s became all too unattainable, and those who do possess this beauty, well… we can’t say they’re really human anymore haha
    Anyway, great work as always
    I also wanted to tell you that I’ve changed my blog URL to:
    Same content, just new site.. I’ll be posting up new artwork so so hopefully I’ll be hearing from you soon

    Te cuidas Don Palabritas


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