Subversive Historian – 01/28/09

Magoon leaves Cuba

Exactly one-hundred years ago on this day in people’s history, the United States withdrew its forces from the Cuba. On January 28th, 1909, Charles Edward Magoon formerly ended his pseudo-constitutional governorship, imbued with absolute authority on the Caribbean island nation. The end of his military rule was simultaneously ushered in by the presidency of Platt Amendment proponent Jose Miguel Gomez. For his part, Magoon’s governorship of Cuba for over three years earned him unflattering descriptions by political writers on the island who accused him of corruption. For its part, the United States was never truly committed to the sovereign integrity of Cuba as it meddled in its affairs numerous times over the course of the last century. In fact, Magoon’s departure in 1909, was not mirrored in Guantanamo Bay, as the U.S. retained its naval base there.

With current political demands urging Obama to close down the detention facility on the base within a year, the historically informed discussion might be suggesting a little more; that the U.S. close down Guantanamo entirely and return it to the nation of Cuba.

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