Subversive Historian – 01/26/09


Exactly seventy years ago on this day in people’s history, the leftist libertarian youth paper, “Ruta” or “the path” ended its publication within Spain. On January 26th, 1939, the city of Barcelona fell to the Nationalist forces of General Franco. With the fascists in control, an outspoken radical paper such as Ruta could no longer function in Spain as a consistently issued weekly. Prior to its demise, Ruta had been an independent outlet for the left in Spain during the civil war and published critiques of the collaborationism of organizations such the National Confederation of Labor (CNT) and the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) Ruta resurrected itself in France where it became an opposition voice in exile to the tyranny of the Franco dictatorship by publishing exclusive on the ground reports from Spain.

In time, Ruta would once again be on the move after Guallist France repressed anti-Franco publications. The paper’s new home would be found in Venezuela where it published once more on the anniversary of Spanish Escuela Moderna founder Francisco Ferrer’s execution.


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