At Last…

I don’t care how revolutionary you are… today was something different. When Obama was introduced to the Neighborhood Ball after “Hail to the Chief” played, we saw the President of the United States bearing the skin of a people who have suffered national oppression for centuries. We saw a black President of the United States voted in after decades past people were murdered during the Freedom Summer of 1964 trying to register blacks to vote. Something has changed. Something has progressed. Social movements of the past and present have changed the dynamics…at last.

Now, of course, tomorrow is day one. There are tremendous changes the world and the United States are in dire need of. It behooves us as a people to see to it that change is not just skin deep. Let every summer be a freedom summer and let us continue to progress towards a vision of humanity that ultimately transcends the shortcomings of Obama’s stated policy positions.


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