Free Gaza Movement Blocked from Delivering Aid

For the second straight time, the Israeli navy has reasserted itself against international activists in its blockade of the coastline of Gaza. A boat carrying humanitarian supplies – which are sorely needed – as well as physicians, was turned back from its point of departure in Cyprus. With the Free Gaza movement bringing such ‘dangerous’ cargo, the Israeli navy reportedly threatened to open fire if the boat did not turn around.

After a boat ramming incident by the Israeli navy stopped a previous attempt from reaching the people of Gaza, passengers this time around made a full disclosure of intent and cargo to the Israeli authorities before departing.  Of course, this made no difference as yesterday’s events illustrate. Nevertheless, international activists have pledged to attempt to deliver aid by sea once more at a later date.  After successfully breaking the siege numerous times before the start of the December 27th Israeli offensive on Gaza, they have been unable to reach shore. Will they ever be able to again?

Someday history will remember when the Israeli navy turned back “the Spirit of Humanity.”


4 responses to “Free Gaza Movement Blocked from Delivering Aid

  1. The issue of Palestine is a cause that is very close to my heart. Thank you for your efforts to bring awareness to this often over looked, and under reported issue. Peace. 🙂

  2. Peaceseeker –

    Thank you for reading and commenting!

    Peace indeed!


  3. I agree; let humanitarian through – that is once it has been confiscated, and searched. These “Free Gaza People” just don’t get it that they’re supporting terrorists that use children as human shields and teach them to become suicide bombers. They fire their rockets into Israel from land given up for peace and at a time when they’re most likely to hit women and children.

    Death to Hamas; death to terrorists! Death to those who intentionally target and kill women and children.

  4. Josiah –

    Your contention that Israel gave up occupying the Gaza strip for peace is false. The siege that the Free Gaza movement has organized against is proof enough that Israel has maintained a level of control of the territory that amounts to a continued occupation.

    The measured withdrawal in ’05 was not done in the name of peace – a more cynical and thoughtful analysis is needed especially when we are talking about Ariel Sharon (no peacemaker indeed)and the actions by the Israeli government that have followed in years past.

    Please also attempt to explain how Free Gaza’s actions delivering physicians, medical supplies and food to the devastated territory amounts to supporting terrorists? That’s absolutely nonsensical…Besieging a people for 19 months and then bombing them for three weeks constitutes a cruelty that is shocking the majority of the world…

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