Israeli Consulate in LA Shut Down!

Just as the sign in the photo says the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles was closed for war crimes this morning! The direct action taken in response to the murderous campaign Israel is waging – which has today taken the lives of over 1,000 Palestinians with more than 300 children among the dead – comes as result of activists involved in the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. They blocked the entrance to the consulate for more than three hours before negotiating an end of the action with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Hannah Howard, a local member of the network, explained the motivation for shutting the consulate down:

“We are shocked and outraged at Israeli’s latest act of violent aggression against the Palestinian people. Killing over 950 people, including 250 women and children, bombing schools and mosques and then calling it self-defense-that is the worst kind of hypocrisy. It also amounts to war crimes. We are shutting down the Israeli consulate today because as Jewish people we cannot allow business as usual while violence is being done in our name. This is a direct betrayal of our Jewish tradition of social justice.”

A few minutes into the action, Uprising Radio broke the news with a live interview with Lisa Adler, a participant in today’s morally righteous action:


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