Let Gaza Live!

With the overall death toll in Gaza reaching 854 people since the December 27th Israeli invasion, today’s protest action at the Westwood Federal Building in Los Angeles was aptly titled “Let Gaza Live!”

There were thousands of supporters on this day where regional protests also occurred in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. The man beneath the waving Palestinian flag was holding up a prop representing a dead baby and chanted “stop killing children” as the offensive has claimed the lives of more than 200 young ones.

Various speakers took to the ‘Let Gaza Live’ stage of the protest rally after the mass march concluded including spokespersons from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Al-Awda and KPFK host Blase Bonpane!

The flags of Palestine were out en masse as one speaker instructed the crowd to lift them high. The wind obliged as well, flapping them with its strength in an impressive display.

Finding agreement with Venezuela’s decision to expel the Israeli ambassador from their country, a man at the rally held a sign declaring “Viva Gaza!”

Like I said about Councilmember Weiss’ statement, all of Los Angeles does NOT stand with Israeli agression. “Our Solidarity Shines Through Protest” Let Gaza Live!


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