Rosanne’s KPFK Debut: No Holds Barr

In the recent past, KPFK – Southern California’s original listener sponsored station – has graced the pages of the Los Angeles Times only in times of internal upheaval. It was a relief then to read something positive about “radio powered by the people” in the Calendar section of yesterday’s paper regarding the good news of Rosanne Barr’s new show. The Emmy-award winning comedian, actress and television icon was the subject of the LA Times “Quick Takes” which alerted readers to the fact that Barr now is in the hosting seat of Wednesday’s “Beneath the Surface” program every week from 5-6 p.m.

Barr’s debut yesterday afternoon took on the hottest button issue of the Israeli assault on Gaza as she spoke with an LA based organizer with Jews for Justice as well as a Free Speech Radio News correspondent in Gaza. The show ended with Barr’s candid interaction with listeners who called into the show to chime their opinions on the dire situation in the Middle East. As a first at bat on KPFK’s FM dial, Barr’s debut was funny, entertaining, and abashedly opinionated. Suffice to say, she possesses the personality necessary to command drive time radio. As for any rough edges, KPFK listeners are forgiving in that area and I’m sure things will polish up in the coming shows. In any case, it will be exciting to listen in. Barr’s presence on KPFK’s airwaves will bring in a new audience and activists who bust their ass day in and day out trying to effect social change will have a greater opportunity to be heard. That can’t be but a good thing.

Folks outside the listening range of the station can tune in live at or check out the audio archived version of the show there as well.


3 responses to “Rosanne’s KPFK Debut: No Holds Barr

  1. It is interesting that Rosanne said she wanted to hit Ann Coulter in the head and she hated Ann too. This makes me happy that when the revolution finally happens Ann will be the first Rosanne “hits.”

    I guess there will be many unintended consequences when the revolution happens. In France it was streets slick with blood, in China, and Russia, the same, and in Cambodia, Pol made fertilizer out of his disinters.

    I’d like Rosanne to give her view of revolution and possibly give us a peak at how she would view that bloodletting that all revolutionaries must face as a possible outcome of their actions.

  2. Randy –

    It’s an immense leap to equate Rosanne’s comments with state repression. It’s even worse when you take the statement she made against a person like Ann Coulter – whose extremist remarks alluding to violence against liberals are credibly troubling…

    Rosanne supported Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney – with that in mind, it’s a hell of a stretch to bring Pol Pot into the discussion!

    One last thing – I noticed you left the Chilean revolution off your roll call list. Under Salvador Allende, there was no bloodletting as social change came through democracy and the ballot box.

    Blood only began to flow after the military coup, encouraged by the ‘model democracy’ of the US under Nixon/Kissinger, killed off people who simply worked within a legal framework for their political ideals.

  3. Gabrial –

    I’d tend to agree with you that it would be leap that Rosanne’s personal hatred of Ann Coulter could lead to state repression. My comment is more encompassing as KPFK usually leaves me with the impression there is no hope at the ballot box and revolution is the only hope we have for any significant change.

    Instead of hope, I’m left with revolutionary talk that chills me. State repression isn’t the proletariat revolting and attempting to overthrow an oppressive state entity, revolution and revolutionaries are like our Islamic extremists, willing to do anything to stick it to the man, including killing innocent and using the innocent as shields to engender sympathy. The innocent paying the price in blood is a natural occurrence when people’s revolutions happen I was asking for Rosanne to address this conundrum in future shows (I’d like Rosanne to give her view of revolution and possibly give us a peak at how she would view that bloodletting that all revolutionaries must face as a possible outcome of their actions.)

    I was simply pointing out Rosanne hates, and advocated violence in her diatribe of Ann Coulter and her opinions. A revolution of the people shouldn’t be about hatred it should seek to improve the average, the revolutions I pointed out starting with the people’s revolution in France was very bloody, as was Mao’s, Lenin’s, and Che’s.

    I also find it interesting you point out Cynthia McKinney who hates being average and treated as an average, as witnessed by her socking a worker protecting the nation’s capitol.

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