OC Register’s Crowd Control

The Orange County Register’s coverage of yesterday’s protest in Little Gaza Anaheim placed the crowd at an estimated 250 people. Now, as someone who has attended demonstrations on 512 S. Brookhurst St. in the past, I can tell you, that just thirty minutes into it, more people had amassed than at any other previous action. Families kept streaming in for more than an hour and with confidence I can say without exaggeration that the number of people present was at least twice that, if not more. In an interview I did last night on KSPC radio, I placed the protest numbers at 750 – 1,000 people.

At least one person who commented on the article agreed with me…which sad to say, is one of the few positive comments. The others…well, they go a little something like this…

714to505 wrote:
Palestinian pride? then get out of the u.s. and go home if your so proud of your country.Dont forget America we are at war with these sort of folks.

clegacy wrote:
To all you protesters. GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME.

I think they need to throw Ian Thompson in Jail for setting up this stupid protest, who does he think he is, a wannabe Hamas?

*Let’s see: ignorant xenophobia mixed with a call to throw someone in jail for exercising a democratic right to protest…the comments on the OC Register’s website sure does say a lot about its readership…


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