Big Protest in Little Gaza

As Israeli military aggression continues against the besieged people of Gaza, an emergency protest was called by organizations such as Al-Awda today in the Little Gaza district of the city of Anaheim.

An all too familiar protest plaza once more had to become a space for many Palestinians and their allies in the community to denounce the latest crimes committed by the Israeli regime.

Today’s demonstration was the largest I ever attended in Little Gaza. There was no pro-Zionist presence gathered on the opposing side of the street, only Palestinian flags held by people on the march!

The 750-1,00o people who took to the streets today in Anaheim is a number that will only be amplified by the march and demonstration this Saturday at the Westwood Federal Building in Los Angeles at noon. If you didn’t get a chance to be at today’s action, there is always this weekend. Gaza needs our voices now!


One response to “Big Protest in Little Gaza

  1. heard you on radio moments ago, thank you for sharing thoughts it is very important right now thank you

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