La Revolucion Cubana – 50 Años Despues

Unquestionably the watershed political event of Latin America in the 20th century, the Cuban Revolution today celebrates its 50th anniversary. When Fidel Castro’s barbudos defeated Batista’s dictatorship in 1959 and entered the streets of Havana to mass jubilation, no one could have expected the seismic impact his revolution would have on international affairs. So profound was the sea change that it nearly brought the world to nuclear holocaust in 1962. Decades later, the revolution still stands – which is a remarkable achievement given the obsession of the neighbor to the north to control the political destiny of the island. For all its faults as a Marxist-Leninist state under a one-party consolidated rule, it is impossible to tell where the revolution will go in the years to come and in the inevitable time of Fidel Castro’s passing. Will the Revolution be dismantled and incorporated into a neo-liberal economic outpost in the global financial system? Or will reforms comes from the left along the critiques present in the arts such as Cuban Hip Hop which voices the disaffections of the island’s Afro-Cuban population? Or will things more or less stay the same? For now, Cuba celebrates 50 years with austerity:


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