Homeland Television is Here

I was enjoying the Christmas day defeat the Los Angeles Lakers were bringing the Boston Celtics yesterday when the most shrill government propaganda kept interspersing itself throughout the broadcast multiple times. The highly anticipated rematch of last summer’s NBA finals was sure to be a ratings Goliath so I know I’m certainly not the only person who witnessed the ABC forward promotion of a new reality show based on the Department of Homeland Security:

Propaganda in this society is usually much more sophisticated, so I must ask: Is this not the most blatant form government propaganda you’ve seen in a good long while? Reality TV previously functioned in society as a media form of mindless distraction from active citizen participation in society. Now with the inclusion of ABC’s “Homeland Security: USA” reality TV has morphed into a nightmarish scenario of active government propaganda! For those watching the DHS, this can be seen as the bigger push of what is seemingly a two-pronged media strategy for an agency whose image has been tattered by terrorizing ice raids, detention center deaths, lawsuits, etc. The first prong was the department’s E-Verify underwritten ‘funding credit’ promos that continue to air on National Public Radio. Now, the corporate media is collaborating in promoting a much less subtle “reality” televsion show based on the agency and its activities:

Is such television defensible? Of course, there are those who have engaged in such a task, and so it is important to examine their rationales. Adam Shapiro, a producer of the show whose previous credits include “Big Brother” {insert your own Orwellian truism here} is quoted in an associated press article stating the show, “doesn’t have a political point of view. It’s not meant to show the (department) higher-ups …. just the average men and women on the front lines protecting our country from various things illegal and dangerous.” What then is illegal and dangerous? Of course this is to include Mexicans crossing the border to find work for their family rendering the supposed apolitical orientation of the show a scandalous fallacy. Shapiro goes on then to defend his project against accusations of propaganda for the DHS by stating, “I don’t see how actually and factually documenting something that happens before our eyes, and editing it in a factual way — in other words, not manipulatively, can be considered propaganda.”

Take a look on your own commercials. “Homeland” television is obvious in its undertones. Now all that is left is for the ratings war between this show and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Smile, You’re Under Arrest,” show to begin. Somewhere off in the distance, democracy is dying of asphyxiation…


3 responses to “Homeland Television is Here

  1. Man, they’re really pouring it on these days. That’s almost as bad as this ad which has been airing in theaters for a while now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHzSBEVbXtM.

    I thought domestic government propaganda was unconstitutional?

  2. Ah Kid Rock, who else would it be…Thanx for sharing. I wonder what the hell the Nascar scenes have to do with the National Guard? haha

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