Subversive Historian – 12/22/08

The Execution of Jose Maria Morelos

One-hundred and ninety-three years ago on this day in people’s history, Jose Maria Morelos was executed by the Spanish colonial authorities in Mexico. On December 22nd, 1815, the Roman Catholic Priest was put before the firing squad for his involvement in the independence movement. As a colonel in Father Hidalgo’s revolutionary army, Morelos was able to claim numerous important victories in the insurrection against Spain. After Hidalgo, who famously sounded ‘el grito de indepencia,’ was executed, Morelos came to lead the independence struggle. By 1813, he convened the National Constituent Congress of Chilpancigo, where he delivered a document titled “Sentiments of the Nation,” which declared freedom from Spanish dominion as well as the abolition of slavery.

Though intolerant of other religions, at least the gun-totting priest Father Morelos was intolerant of slavery and European colonialism as well.


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