Raising the Orange Curtain

In aggregating progressive news from behind the Orange Curtain, this post begins with a posada protest outside the Disneyland Hotel Resort Area! Unite Here 11 and hotel workers have staged innovative protests with impressive turnouts before and Thursday night’s action was no different. Despite its mega corporate employer, the mostly Latina hotel workforce has been toiling without a contract and is demanding health care rights. The Orange County Register decided to headline news of the protest as “Union leaders bring children into Disney Protest,” but as labor leader Ada Briceno correctly noted, when Disney abuses its workers, the entire family suffers as a result. In time, the hotel workers will prevail! Muera Mickey Rat!

As with the posada protest at Disney’s Hotel Resort Area illustrated, the Christmas spirit can at times be rebellious. (How else are we to have peace on earth and goodwill toward humanity?) This was demonstrated in Orange County again this week as members of Military Families Speak out went to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s Huntington Beach residence to sing anti-war Christmas carols! On Thursday night, activists hoped to be Jacob Marley to Congressman’s Scrooge’s warmongering conscience as they sang “We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our troops deserve a Merry Christmas. Our troops deserve a Merry Christmas. Our troops deserve a Merry Christmas, so bring them back here!” After the hour long solstice serenade, the Grinch did not appear…

Rounding out this round up of progressivism in OC, is the good news that the U.S. Department of Commerce decided on Thursday against building a six-lane toll road through a sacred site of the Acjachemen people in San Clemente! Upon hearing the news, members of the Acjachemen Nation, the United Coalition to Protect Panhe, and other environmental and social justice groups celebrated the victory. The proposed Foothill – South toll road and its potentially disastrous path has been halted. However as Angela Mooney D’Arcy, of the UCPP said on Thursday, “Today is a significant day for Panhe, the Ancestors, the Acjachemen people, San Onofre, and the millions of people who enjoy this state park and camp ground every year. However, this process is not over. On behalf of the United Coalition to Protect Panhe, we call upon the TCA to suspend all litigation and federal lobbying activities and instead focus its resources on studying reasonable alternatives to the toll road.” The struggle continues, but now with a victory under its belt!


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