Subversive Historian -12/11/08

{A monument for the victims of the massacre}

The Massacre of El Mozote

Twenty-seven years ago on this day in people’s history, the Massacre at El Mozote tragically occurred. On December 11th, 1981, U.S. trained members of the Salvadoran army slaughtered more than a thousand civilians. The massacre proved to be the bloodiest of the Salvadoran civil war between the Government and its death squads and leftist guerrilla rebels. The day before the mass killings, the army’s notorious Atlacatl Battalion occupied the small village following a nearby firefight with rebels and ordered its residents to remain locked down. The next day, under the pretext of providing support to the guerrillas, the battalion systematically tortured and executed men before killing and raping women. Sadly, not even the lives of children were not spared by the wanton violence. Of course, the Salvadoran government denied what had taken place at El Mozote and the Reagan Administration tried to cast doubt on reports of the massacre in order to continue funding it’s allies in the conflict. The truth was undeniably exhumed in 1992 as the skeletal remains confirmed what had been long known even if the powerful feigned denial.

Despite this, the harsh historical reality is that following the massacre the flow of aid from the U.S. to the brutal government continued, so too did the rivers of blood…


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