Subversive Historian – 12/09/08

{Robert Welch: Damn Commies fucked w/ my mic!}

The John Birch Society

Exactly fifty years ago on this day in people’s history, the John Birch Society was founded in Indianapolis. On December 9th, 1958, Robert Welch proposed the idea for the organization before those gathered in a meeting he convened. Before his small audience of twelve men, Welch outlined the extreme right-wing ideology that would characterize the John Birch Society. Taking its name from a Christian missionary turned intelligence agent in China killed by communists, the organization sought members attracted to Welch’s conspiratorial vision that a ‘one-world socialist government’ was the aim of internal “traitors.” Of course, “comrade” Liberals were central to this notion as was the United Nations. The organization, which founded its first chapter months after the Indianapolis meeting, would go on to oppose civil rights legislation during its most influential period in the sixties.

Thankfully it can be said on this fiftieth birthday of the JBS, that they no longer wield such powerful influence.


3 responses to “Subversive Historian – 12/09/08

  1. Don’t forget that the Birchers found their most enthusiastic audience in OC!!!

  2. In researching this post, I ran across that fact with the book “Suburban Warriors,” but couldn’t fit all the good stuff in…

    Have you read that book?

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