Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

Yesterday was the tragic ritual of “Black Friday” where manic shoppers take to the cookie cutter corporate plazas of their respective cities to score deals on x-mas gifts. Usually, I give nary a fuck about people who wake up in the a.m. to wait in long lines for a flatscreen t.v. or a ipod. Suit yourselves! I always choose to let that comatose state from eating too much turkey run its course as I sleep well into the morning (Hell, I wake my ass up at the ass crack of dawn for work, and there’s no way I’m going to kiss off a rare opportunity to get my sleep on!)

But this Friday, some shoppers just went a little too far! In a Wal-Mart (seriously, what other big box store would this be about) in New York, an unfortunate temporary worker was trampled to death by a bewildered herd of consumer crazy shoppers who broke down the store front and poured over in a stampede. Yes, take a second, or however long you need, to take that all in. A person was killed because shoppers just couldn’t wait. Talk about the Christmas spirit. Now, will an event like this be enough for people to finally take a step back and reflect on what has seriously gone wrong here? Of course not. Call me ye of little faith, but call me right too!

Of course, the simple knee-jerk reaction is to blame the shoppers…as they do deserve blame for this. However, let’s take this a simple step further and chastise Wal-Mart. This corporation doesn’t allow for its workers to unionize. It makes record profits but leaves temporary workers in harm’s way…literally. Such a tragedy would have been avoidable with a responsible corporation looking out for its workers. Perhaps most fiendish of all, the cash registers kept on ringing even after the employee was killed. Well, this holiday season won’t be any different for me than another other time; Wal-Mart won’t be ringing this costumer up.

Wal-Mart Employee: Santa?

Santa: Yes?

Wal-Mart Employee: All I want for Christmas is union protection and benefits!

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!


One response to “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

  1. I woke up Friday and this story was the first thing I saw on the news. I was in shock and disgusted in people and their obession with “getting a good deal.” I couldn’t help but cry…I’m a cry baby, so no suprise, but I was sad,disappointed and embarrassed. I’m glad to see someone else realizes how big of a deal it is, b/c others just don’t seem to think something is wrong about this picture.

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