Where’s Richardson’s 30 Piece At?

The dominant speculation among the talking cabezas is that Hillary Clinton is set to become Obama’s Secretary of State. All that may be delaying the official pronouncement is a vetting of Hillary’s husband and his international business dealings so as to assure such an appointment would not constitute any conflicts of interest. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is being mentioned as a possibility, but it looks as if he would only be seriously considered if Senator Clinton pans out.

All “Team of Rivals,” talk aside, what’s the deal Obama? Bill Richardson gave one of the earliest endorsements of your candidacy while Senator Clinton was still in the running for the Democratic nomination. This caused an immediate uproar from obedient Clintonistas, most notably the Ragin’ Cajun James Carville who called Richardson a “Judas.” Yes, the bearded one recognized early on that Obama was going to take it when the loyalists did not, but betraying Clintonistas isn’t on par with dissing Jesus! No way, No how.

But, to continue with Carville’s Judas theme, President elect Obama, the time has come to reward Bill Richardson with his 30 pieces of silver! Make your hermano Secretary of State. I promise he won’t make the Southwest territorial Aztlan. He will, as he has before, talk with our designated “enemies” around the world. He has already been to Venezuela and spoke with Hugo Chavez. In Cuba, Raul Castro will receive him as a barbudo! And for everyone else, he will woo foreign diplomats with chile wreaths from New Mexico. Nuclear disarmament by way of enchiladas! Yes We Can/Si Se Puede!

Plus, think of the black-brown statement you’ll be making. It will be a stronger glue to bind our respective communities than a concert by the funk band War!

The arguments laid forth are compelling. Make Richardson el Secretario de Estado! I want change que podemos believe in! Give him his 30 piece!


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