Inti-Illimani: Where the Clouds Sing

Inti-Illimani, masters of Nueva Cancion, are by far one of my most favorite groups. They have etched their truly historic legacy forever in stone as musicians of the people. More than forty-one years ago, Inti-Illimani began as a group of young college students looking to connect with the cultural roots of their native Chile while at the same time searching for a means to express their youthful utopia. During the presidency of Salvador Allende – now that’s change I can believe in! – they functioned as cultural ambassadors singing songs of revolution.

Over the decades, the inevitable line-up changes have occurred, but the essence is still originally unique in its prowess. I’m saddened to know that they are touring North America as we speak, but get no closer to home than Northern California. Abating my melancholy a bit is the revelation that Italian filmmakers have made a compelling documentary about Inti-Illimani called “Where the Clouds Sing!” I need to get my hands on this film!

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