Subversive Historian – 11/03/08

The Greensboro Massacre

Twenty-nine years ago on this day in people’s history, the Greensboro Massacre occurred in North Carolina. On November 3rd, 1979, forty members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party opened fire on an anti-Klan demonstration killing five protesters. Police arrived after the eighty-eight second barrage of bullets and arrested demonstrators instead of pursuing the murderers! The dubious response of Greensboro’s finest came to light as it was later revealed that a caravan leader of the white supremacist killers was also a police informant who obtained the route of the march and rally beforehand! Despite the fact that the clearly unprovoked attack on the anti-racist labor organizers was caught on film by multiple news agencies, two criminal trials failed to incriminate only six of the assailants thanks to all white juries. However, during a civil trial, the local police were found to have been liable in the deaths of the Greensboro five.

The rhetorical question begs once more: were the local police and the justice system fans of the Klan? Joe Six Pack says: I reckon!


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