Prop 2’s Huevos Rancheros

Once again Californians will be bombarded with too many propositions on the ballot tomorrow! The legalistic and deceptive language of many of the initiatives will drive people out of their wits in trying to make up their mind. For a majority of voters, however, one proposition on the state’s ballot that seems to be fast tracked towards success and away from confusion is prop 2. There’s enough liberal animal loving people in the state to ensure that the polls, which have been projecting a steady and sizable lead for the passage of this initiative, will be validated on election day. So if prop 2, which would set new standards on animal confinement in factory farms, seems like a done deal, where’s the story?

It is usually with the issues that are of blow-out proportions, that the losing side comes with the wackiest of counter-arguments. With prop 2, this dynamic is no different. Factory farming interests are desperately trying to persuade Californians from giving food producing animals enough space to lie down in their cages with the looming threat of…Mexican eggs! Yes, the no on prop 2 folks are pulling all the huevos out of the carton by suggesting that the passage of the bill will lead to the end of eggs produced in California and the beginning of immigrant eggs bringing diseases with them over the border! (not true)

Oh no! Salmonella Huevos Rancheros! They keep coming! And as we all know, despite their white shells, Mexican eggs are notoriously unable to assimilate!


2 responses to “Prop 2’s Huevos Rancheros

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  2. HILARIOUS picture. If folks ever needed a reason to buy free-range eggs, it’s because of the racism of the No on Prop. 2 crowd.

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