The Supreme Council of Chicanismo: Señor Donut

The Case: Señor Donut Costume in “Sexdrive”

Opinion: After feeling the supreme burn out of a weeks long fund drive, I decided to take in a comedy this weekend that wouldn’t ask too much of my brain. Therefore, I, as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Council of Chicanismo, left without my outdated college ID card, purchased on overpriced movie ticket to get see “Sexdrive.” The trailer and the poster for the film heavily rely on the Señor Donut costume worn by the main protagonist. However, this is not a film review so much as it is an official opinion issued by the council on this latest manifestation of the bandito character. Therefore, I won’t waste time going into the plot of the film.

Instead, let us engage in a deconstruction of the omnipresent sombrero wearing, pistol poppin’ handle bar mustached Mexican we have come to see all too often. In the past, this Chief Justice has condemned the bandito imagery when it has appeared as a school mascot for Sonora High School as well as historically when it served as the mascot for the short-lived Anaheim Amigos ABA basketball team. Nevertheless, on the flip side, I have not been of the opinion that its usage as the logo for Gustavo Arellano’s “Ask a Mexican,” column, for instance, is offensive. In the film “SexDrive,” the stereotype was at least expounded on as a cake donut with sprinkles – my favorite! – and for better or for worse comprises the funniest scenes in the entire movie.

The initial usage of Señor Donut goes for the “American Pie,” style of humor which makes the lead character in SexDrive the subject of sexual humiliation – someone slaps a dick and balls to his costume as he walks through the mall he works at to give away free coupons. At the very least, the stereotypical outfit wasn’t elevated with derogatory jokes towards Mexicans themselves. Lastly, in the closing scene of the film, the main character finds himself in his costume again, this time with a pistol in hand having to take charge of a tense situation. Cops are called on the scene and one tries to taser the donut as he calls for backup proclaiming “the big Mexican won’t go down!” A dummy cop joke always finds favor and is effective in swaying the opinion of the Supreme Council!

In short, Señor Donut is too outrageous to be taken seriously. As far as I can see, no organizations have taken public stands against the costume, and truth be told, it would be a waste of time to do so.

Decision: Would I wear a Señor Donut costume for Halloween? Yes – but not in South Orange County – and only if it helped me find a fly Señorita Honey Glaze!


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