Chomsky & Zinn: On Voting for Obama

The Real News Network has released two election themed interviews with people’s historian Howard Zinn and prolific political critic Noam Chomsky. In being consistent with his position in 2004, Chomsky offers the suggestion of voting for the Democratic candidate in swing states. He also follows by stating that anyone who votes for Obama should do so without illusions. Chomsky conditions this response by considering the U.S. to be a one-party state in essence, but nevertheless recognizes the differences that do indeed exist between its two heads and their potential impact on everyday working people.

Zinn, on the other hand, did not mention any swing state qualifications for voting for Obama – as he himself will do. Again, conditioning his position as Chomsky did, the people’s historian stated that social movements are the driving engine of progressive legislation in the context of our current political realities and that an Obama presidency offers an interstice where such influence can take place. The McCain-Palin ticket, in direct contrast, offers no such opportunity.

Chomsky and Zinn are revered sages of the radical left, and their recent commentary on The Real News Network is sure to provoke discussion. Chomsky is certainly correct in advocating for a swing state consideration for Obama. By all means, McCain-Palin pose a serious threat, carry within them a proto-fascistic element, and could very well be not ‘more of the same,” but far worse than the Bush regime. Zinn is certainly pragmatic in highlighting the necessity of a strong social movement as a basis of change. The conditions exist for such with neo-liberal economic policies imploding in U.S. society as in no other time since their acceleration.

What do you think?

One response to “Chomsky & Zinn: On Voting for Obama

  1. Man, Chomsky’s getting old. 😦

    Anyway. I say if it’s the social movements that have given us protections, we should support the candidates who are most closely tied to such movements. For leftists, this means voting for either McKinney/Clemente or Nader/Gonzalez.

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