Subversive Historian – 10/14/08

{Depiction of the author of the Pittsburgh Proclamation Johann Most}

The Pittsburgh Proclamation

Exactly one-hundred and twenty-five years ago on this day in people’s history, the Founding Congress of the American Federation of the International Working People’s Association occurred. On October 14th, 1883, U.S. anarchists and social revolutionary groups convened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to establish the radical organization. Delegates at the Congress approved without dissension the “Pittsburgh Proclamation,” authored by Johann Most. The document begins by quoting Thomas Jefferson in expressing the right of the people to cast off a government when it becomes despotic. Its six point demands called for the destruction of the ruling class and the establishment of free cooperative organizations of production. The IWPA advocated for radical direct action to achieve these objectives.

And the Republican Party currently thinks that a fairer tax code is class warfare. If only they knew the true meaning of the term.


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