Listen to the New Nuremburg Night!

After whipping up increasingly hateful rhetoric, it looks as if John McCain is losing control of his own mob. With Sarah Palin saying that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” and with a constant influx of ignorant bigoted racist rumors circulating around the right-wing blogosphere, things are really heating up. After Palin’s initial remarks, there has much made of the crowd responses which included the ever so pleasant “kill him!” The GOP’s ignorance is now playing out nationally like a local meeting of the rabid OC based California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) hate group! A video of a McCain rally puts this spectacle on display as the Republican candidate had to look squarely into one of his supporter’s eyes, and tell her that contrary to her belief, Obama is not an Arab (well he never actually said that outright, just that the Democratic candidate was a family man, and a citizen) A true maverick response would convey the fact that whether or not Obama is an Arab is inconsequential to the non-racist mind. Straight talk translation: So what if he was?

Of course, Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground, is back in the news with Palin’s comments that suggest Obama has an ongoing relationship with an “active domestic terrorist.” (Not true on multiple fronts) When McCain had to reassure the crowd that their fears of an Obama presidency were overstated, he was met with boos! With the economy in the shitter, and Obama commanding a bigger lead, bigoted fears are becoming more acutely anxious! The last card to play for the failing McCain campaign before the elections is an extremity of negative campaigning and we are witnessing a dangerous mob mentality being cultivated. McCain can try to pivot his campaign all he wants, but he is ultimately responsible for the course it has chosen to take. The only way the Senator from Arizona can claim to be a Maverick now is if he moves to Dallas and suits up to play basketball alongside Dirk Nowitzki!

This hatred from the right-wing brings about what I deem the “Obama dilemma.” Clearly, I have tremendous policy and values differences with his campaign and with his party. I harbor no illusions about notions of “change,” and “hope.” Still, the fact that Obama is poised to become the first black president of the United States offers the historic opportunity to piss off racists bigots like those present at McCain and Palin rallies. Does the white supremacy structure remain mostly intact even with an Obama victory? Sure. I’m just trying to find some silver lining in all this…and it may come in the form of a disappointed dumbfuck racist come November.

6 responses to “Listen to the New Nuremburg Night!

  1. “Still, the fact that Obama is poised to become the first black president of the United States offers the historic opportunity to piss off racists bigots like those present at McCain and Palin rallies.”

    Why not vote for Nader/Gonzalez, an Arab President and Mexican Vice President, respectively? That’s gotta be a right-winger’s worst nightmare, right? 😉

    As much as I would love to see an African American President, I simply can’t vote for Obama based on his policies. Nader put it very well in one of his rallies: “It’s [an Obama presidency] got to mean more than if just a white man or woman were in the white house; it’s got to mean a particularly insistent sensitivity to the bottom 100 million Americans—blacks, poor whites, Latinos, who do our dirtiest jobs, who do the most thankless work, who look after our children, take care of our ailing parents…and the only time they are held up before our country is when we ask them to fight in our criminal wars!”

    Unfortunately, I just don’t see Obama as possessing that “particularly insistent sensitivity”.

  2. With the history of this country, an African-American is a right winger’s worst nightmare. This is the history of “negro bbq’s,” “the Tulsa race riots,” and the countless violent histories detailed in Herbert Apthekar’s “A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States.” I don’t like to play Oppression Olympics, but African Americans have been the target of a particularly virulent disdain much more so than, say, Lebanese Americans…

    Also, this fear manifesting into hatred is being stoked because Obama has a real chance of winning, and for many racists, just the thought of a African-American in the White House is abhorrent to them. Nader/Gonzalez and McKinney/Clemente for that matter aren’t even registering on bigots’ radar screen.

    If you ask me, there is next to nothing to vote for in this election. Nader/Gonzalez present the best policy articulations, but what are they building? The Peace and Freedom Party? McKinney/Clemente are polling well below the 5% of the vote they are seeking. These two tickets are also inexplicably running against each other. The major parties are a perennial let down. This blog is not so much an expression of anything or votes for anyone, rather its more about finding a silver lining in wanting to see racist Republicans lose and mope.

  3. Hey Gabriel,

    I was being facetious with my last comment—definitely I wasn’t trying to downplay the systematic terrorism that blacks have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of the (mostly white) establishment in this country.

    But at the same time, the perception of Arabs in this country is really at about the same level—after all, wasn’t Obama referred to as an “Arab” in that video? And isn’t that why racists are quick to highlight his middle name of “Hussein” and the resemblance of his last name to “Osama”? If anything I would say there is just as much hatred and fear of anyone who comes from the Middle East or South Asia. While this doesn’t cancel out the centuries of oppression blacks have faced (and continue to face), I do think there is quite a bit of rhetoric from the right-wing against Arabs, Muslims (or perceived Muslims—often Sikh males wind up as the victims of hate crimes) and South Asians.

    As far as I can tell Nader/Gonzalez are not so much fighting for a party as much as they’re fighting to keep the progressive agenda alive. As a registered Green, I do think the decision by the Greens to run a ticket opposing Nader is pretty absurd, but at least there are people who are upholding an agenda that addresses the issues that actually matter.

  4. right-wingers such as the woman in the video are truly confused by a person with black skin and a name like Barack Hussein Obama! it really underscores their ignorance! we are seeing two racisms converge; that against african-americans and muslim/arabs and it must be doubly confusing for those bigots!

    i’m simply making the point in this blog posting that the fear of Barack Obama becoming president is elevating as his poll numbers increase over McCain. if the third party people of color tickets were to be in a similar position they would be subject to the same. instead, they face the bigotry of being ignored because of their politics and their skin (and in McKinney/Clemente’s case, their gender)

    yes, Nader and McKinney are keeping the progressive agenda highlighted by their campaigns, but after 2000, poor strategy has kept that aim from cultivating into anything substantial. cobb and the Greens destroyed their own momentum in 2004. nader’s campaigns have no institutional building relevance like in 2000. the Democrats continually hold their black, working, and women bases hostage and sabotage alternative parties or policies within their own party.

    it’s a very grim picture for the left in the face of a collapsing capitalist economy, eight years of a horrible, low rated Republican presidency and the betrayal of a low approval rated Democratic congress, to not be able to make gains.

    at least if a racist is devastated on election day, i can find joy in that! (which is not to say who i’m voting for)

  5. Yeah, I’ve even seen some crazy racists trying to link Obama to the Nation of Islam and groups like the Black Panthers. They must think it’s all some big, non-white, non-Christian conspiracy to take over the world….

    The future does seem grim, but at the same time adversity brings opportunities for those who are capable of seeing them and acting. It’s entirely possible that the American left can use this as a rallying point to build a unified base. 2004 was a tough year for all of us on the left, I think.

    I would love to see the devastation of racists, too, but more than that I’d like to see a President who will restore this nation to first world status in institutions, infrastructure, human rights, and environmental policy—irregardless of his or her skin color.

  6. “I would love to see the devastation of racists, too, but more than that I’d like to see a President who will restore this nation to first world status in institutions, infrastructure, human rights, and environmental policy—irregardless of his or her skin color.”

    Me too. But despite my vote, your vote, or anyone else’s vote, that ain’t gonna happen in ’08 unfortunately. The odds are better for melancholy racist dumbshits! Gotta find some silver lining – however miniscule – it’s like how I don’t really give a shit about the Rays, but I take small pleasure when they beat the Red Sox in the playoffs…

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