Anaheim Amigos?

The Anaheim Amigos were an American Basketball Association team that played in the league’s inaugural game in Oakland and are not to be confused with the group of civic minded Latinos who hold breakfast meetings to discuss the politics of Orange County! (That’s Los Amigos of Orange county!) The reason you might have never heard of the team is because 1967-1968 was their first and last season before being moved to Los Angeles under a different name. As their hapless 25-53 record illustrates, the Anaheim Amigos didn’t particularly compile a memorable season anyhow. Playing home games at the Anaheim Convention Center, the lineup for the ABA team featured the 7 footer Larry Bunce and former Laker John Fairchild. The owner of the franchise was the eccentric Art Kim who scheduled a few “home” games in Hawaii and reportedly would chase referees into the locker room if their calls weren’t up to par.

The Anaheim Amigos got their name from a contest winner in the city and proceeded to design the logo to feature a Zorro like gaucho hat. Being the late 1960’s, in a decidedly conservative county, those who might have expected to have seen a big Mexican sombrero with a bushy bigote crossing the “A” shouldn’t feel too disappointed. Much like Sonora High School’s gun totting caricature of the revolutionary Emiliano Zapata in La Habra, the Anaheim Amigos saved the real typecasting for their mascot! According to the “Remember the ABA” website, the team would be rallied during home games by a man dressed up as a pistol poppin’ Mexican bandito jumping up and down near the Amigos’ bench while shooting blanks in the air! BANG! BANG! CABRONES! How do you like that? Only in Orange County…

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