Subversive Historian – 10/08/08

The Days of Rage

Thirty-nine years ago on this day in people’s history, the Days of Rage began in Chicago. On October 8th, 1969, under the slogan of “bring the war home,” anti-war protesters sought to intensify actions in order to bring an end to U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. Organized by members of the radical group The Weather Underground, the Days of Rage campaign attempted to radicalize actions beyond the norm of peace demonstrations. To that effect, with a drastically lower than expected turn out, two hundred or so protesters showed up in Chicago and took to the streets destroying property in affluent neighborhoods while confronting police. The initial push for the Days of Rage lasted only thirty minutes before numerous protesters were arrested.

Black Panther Fred Hampton had thought the action to be ill conceived as he and other Chicago Black Panthers did not support the Days of Rage. His analysis, in the end, turned out to be the correct one.


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