Subversive Historian – 09/29/08

The Meeker Incident

One-hundred and twenty-nine years ago on this day in people’s history, the “Meeker Incident” occurred. On September 29th, 1879, Nathan Meeker and ten other Bureau of Indian Affairs officials were killed by White River Ute Natives in present day Colorado. The BIA agents were attacked as Utes fought against the U.S. Army in the battle of Milk Creek. Nathan Meeker, who had sought to “civilize” the Utes into an agricultural society, had called for the army in the wake of a dispute. Already pushing the indigenous population towards starvation, Meeker plowed up the horse pastures of the Utes in accelerating his racist efforts to impose his way of life on them. The ensuing violence gave the U.S. Federal Government the pretext they needed to forcefully displace the White River Utes to a desolate reservation in Utah.

According to a Colorado historian, Nathan Meeker was killed in the incident by a stake driven through his throat. The reason being so he could tell, “no more lies.”


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