Hold Your Mooses! Palin is Coming to Town

Earlier this week, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was originally scheduled to rally through Orange County to raise money from our homegrown conservative wackjobs. The OC Republican Party had to deal with a change of plans as the Alaskan governor needed to be in New York instead to meet foreign policy dignitaries and have her picture taken with them – some say for her myspace profile, but others outlandishly say the photo-ops actually were to bolster and reinforce her foriegn policy credentials!

Palin’s rearranged schedule has her skipping OC for the big rally and heading to the Home Depot Center in Carson instead. She will be addressing the 13,000 seat tennis stadium in the facility on Saturday, October 4th. Rumor has it that the visit to the Home Depot Center – also known as the nation’s biggest day laborer site – is to bolster her foreign policy experience!! She might be meeting with immigrant jornaleros to image posture on her immigration stances! No one knows for sure yet but if true, here is my message to la raza: stay outta the picture – literally!

Palin’s itinerary still has her going through the Orange County that same day for a mega fundraiser at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, however. On a semi-more serious note, you know, despite the moose-hunting, salmon fishing Alaskan ways of Palin, her particular crazy brand of conservative ideology must make Orange County feel like a home away from home. That’s why those who oppose her freighting candidacy must give her a warm counter-welcome! Be there!

Now off to watch the debates…


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