Bullshit Alert! McCain Wants Debates Postponed

{The McCain campaign released the new John McCain action figure with special karate chop feature!}

Throw a yellow flag down on the play! Delay of game warning on the McCain Presidential campaign! The big news today is that Republican candidate John McCain wants to postpone his scheduled Friday debate with his Democratic contender Barack Obama supposedly due to the Wall Street meltdown! Now, for any reasonable person in this country, your bullshit alerts should be sounding as soon as you hear of this! Delay the debates? Are you kidding me? What’s more is the even more recent news that if such a delay is granted – and it shouldn’t be – the McCain camp is asking for another debate delay for next week’s scheduled sparring between his Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her counterpart Joe Biden.

Thankfully, Barack Obama has rejected McCain’s call for a postponement – which will make for really interesting political theater over the next two days. But McCain’s sudden insistence to suspend his campaign – which by calling for such is in effect campaigning – so that he can attend economic crises talks with President Bush is interesting.

First, since the fiascoes on Wall Street, Obama’s poll numbers have shot up and whatever boost Palin brought the GOP’s ticket has vanquished in the fallout of capitalism’s latest and most acute economic contradiction. As insinuated before, McCain, by calling off his campaign, is still campaigning! This is a PR stunt that he hopes will fold well with the voting public into the whole notion of “Country First.” However, the people of this country should not be so easily fooled. McCain’s economic positions of radical deregulation and those who enact this philosophy are a direct cause of this current meltdown. This move to postpone the debate in order to appear “concerned” is the only card he has to play.

Secondly, after the insulting photo ops Palin did with Mr. Henry “I-killed-Chilean-democracy” Kissinger and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, one has to wonder about the doubly beneficial domino postponement effect McCain’s move has. Palin did not take questions from reporters during her foreign policy image posturing meetings, but she will eventually have to answer to the public someday (maybe). Perhaps, in an exercise of speculation, there is a crisis phase within the McCain camp as to her preparedness for the sole Vice Presidential debate of this race. Perhaps McCain is putting himself out in such a manner today in order to buy some time for his quickly fading and eternally vacuous sidekick. Whatever the real reason, the McCain campaign is becoming ever so desperate.

Despite this current media blitz about the debates, we must in the end, not forget the real story…that the two party corporate dictatorship is once again excluding alternative candidates such as Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, and Bob Barr from their rightly due platform. This remains true of the narrowly confined hegemonic discourse offered by our current debates whether they be postponed or not.


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