Dumping Men for Cats? Molly Katz vs. Don PalabraZ

Once upon a time in Pacifica, I received a review copy of “101 Reasons to Dump Your Man and Get a Cat,” by Molly Katz. (Yes, her real name) In the book, the comedian-author sets out all the supposed reasons for women to dump men for cats – chief among them: can he scratch his ear with his foot? Is he adorable when he pounces off the fridge onto your shoulder? Do you get to watch him nudge another man aside and eat his food? And can you improve his mood by tossing a fuzzy mousie for him to chase? (Ps, I can scratch my ear with my foot thank you very much and do indeed pounce off the fridge in mad nacho libre fashion) Despite this topic being beyond the bounds of what I usually do in journalism, I said fuck it, and felt I had to take on this peddler of filthy lies! Unfortunately, my interview was vetoed, but is back for the first time in this donpalabraz.com exclusive!

Molly Katz vs. Don PalabraZ:


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