Innocence Matters – Stop the Execution!

The impending execution of Troy Davis by the state of Georgia is something you’ve probably heard less about than your European counterparts. Despite objections by the Pope – yes the pope – Desmond Tutu, and countless others, the state of Georgia has failed to guarantee that Davis’ life will be spared come Tuesday, September 23rd. This innocent black man was accused of killing a white police officer and was convicted on the sole basis of witness testimony. Complicating matters is that 7 of the 9 non-police witnesses have now recanted or contradicted their testimony in a real way that shades serious doubts about Davis’ guilt in the crime. Of those 7, there are those who claim they were coerced and pressured by the police into their original testimony. One of two witnesses who have not recanted or contradicted their testimony is the prime alternative suspect! Troy Davis’ life was temporarily spared once before just 23 hours before he was set to be executed. His life, and a grave injustice that can not be undone must be spared for a second and final time. Join the international movement scrutinizing this case and asking for the halting of the execution.

Visit to learn more about the case and for instant updates send a text on your cell phone with the message “troy” to the number 90999.

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