Unasur’s Historic Moneda Declaration

History will record the “Moneda Declaration” issued by the Union of South American Nations, or Unasur, this Monday as a definitive document of a new epoch in the region. Whereas just decades past, mafioso military dictatorships met in Chile to plot Operation Condor, the evilest of schemes, leftist and left-leaning governments now have come together in the same country to support Bolivia’s democracy in peril. Bolivian Governor Leopoldo Fernandez of the Pando province and his terrorists paramilitaries marked this past September 11th by invoking the specter of a coup. Upwards to thirty, if not more, supporters of Bolivian leftist President Evo Morales were massacred in Pando on that day as if to send a message to the country’s first indigenous president; you will go the way of Salvador Allende.

In response, Unasur convened in Santiago de Chile to issue a nine-point declaration in support of Morales’ government. This is truly historic. The poetry of an organization of South American nations supporting a beleaguered leader presiding over a experiment in radicalizing democracy in the halls of the Chilean presidential palace where Allende died defending his constitutional government against the forces of fascism is tremendous. To be sure, there have been attempts in the past at the utopian, bolivarian and guevarist ideals of a united Latin America. Regional integration meetings have taken place in the region’s history, but the Moneda Declaration will serve, I hope, as a supreme moment towards the march to a better destiny for the Americas.

Here is the Moneda Declaration translated into English:
Santiago de Chile, September 15 2008

The heads of state and the government of Unasur, meeting in the Palace of the Moneda, Santiago de Chile, September 15 2008, with the purpose of considering the situation in the Republic of Bolivia and remembering the tragic episodes 35 years ago in this very place that shocked all humanity:

Considering the the constitutive treaty of Unasur, signed in Brasilia on May 23rd 2008, enshrines the principles of unrestricted respect for sovereignty, of the non-interference in internal affairs, of the integrity and inviolbility of territory, of democracy and its institutions and the unrestricted respect of human rights;

Faced with the grave occurances reported in the sister Republic of Bolivia, and in favour of the strengthening of political dialogue and cooperation for the strengthening of citizen’s security, the countries that make up Unasur express:

1. Their fullest and decided support for the constitutional government of President Evo Morales, whose mandate was ratified by a wide margin in the recent referendum.

2. They warn that its respective governments energetically reject and do not recognize any situation that implies an intent of civil coup d’etat, the rupture of institutional order, or that compromises the territorial integrity of the Republic of Bolivia

3. Consequent to the above, and in consideration of the grave situation that affects the sister Republic of Bolivia, they condemn the attack on government installations and public forces by groups that look for the destabilization of Bolivia’s democracy, and demand the prompt return of those installations as condition for the start of the dialogue process.

4. At the same time, they call for all political and social actors involved to take the necessary measures so that acts of violence, intimidation, attacks on the democratic institutionality and estabished judicial order cease immediately.

5. In this context, they express the firmest condemnation of the massacre that took place in the department of Pando, and support the call made by the Bolivian government for a Unasur commission to be set up in this brother country to impartially investigate and report this lamentable occurance as soon as possible, and to formulate recommendations in such a way that it is not left unpunished.

6. They ask all members of Bolivian society to preserve national unity and the territorial integrity of that country, basic fundamentals of any State, and to reject any intent to undermine those principles.

7. They call for dialogue to establish the conditions that will permit the present situation to be overcome, and create the search for a sustainable solution, under full respect of the state of curfew and the current legal order.

8. In this respect, the Presidents of Unasur agree to create a commission open to all members, coordinated by the Pro-tempore Presidency, to accompany the tasks of the the dialogues conducted by the legitimate government of Bolivia

9. They will create a support and assistance commission to the government of Bolivia, in function to its requirements and including specialist human resources.

source: Inca Kola News

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