Subversive Historian – 09/12/08

The Execution of San Patricios

One-hundred and sixty one years ago on this day in people’s history, thirty members of the San Patricio Battalion were executed by the U.S. Army. On September 12th, 1847 the Irish men who defected from the U.S. Army to join the ranks of the Mexican army during the war between the two countries, were publicly hanged on the orders of General Winfield Scott. The condemned members of the battalion, who had been taken captive during the Battle of Churubusco, had their deaths timed with the raising of the U.S. Flag over the Mexican castle of Chapultepec. Those who joined the ranks of the San Patricios felt discriminated against by the U.S. army for being immigrant Irish and Catholic. In fact, desertion in the U.S. – Mexico war more than doubled that of Vietnam and for the remaining San Patricios, Scott ordered that they be branded with a “D” on their face for the supposed crime.

For Mexicans, the San Patricios are branded “H” for heroes and are just one illustration of the Irish-Mexican connection!


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