A Book Palin Wouldn’t Dream of Banning

Expect Palinmania to explode further. A new biography of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate is slated to be released by a big Christian publishing house in October. “Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader” by Joe Hilley will be distributed through Zondervan. If that name rings a bell, it should. Zondervan is the publisher that has to its credits the mega-selling “A Purpose Driven Life” by good ol’ Pastor Rick Warren. And if that name rings a bell, yes that is the man whose Saddleback Civic Forum last month with McCain and Obama in Lake Forest I soundly criticized. It all starts to make sense now, right? God save us if Pastor Rick Warren should try to set up a Vice Presidential Candidates forum. Nah, maybe that would constitute too much of a conflict of interest for Pastor Big Bucks.

Anyway, the reporter for The Christian Post described the book as “a look back at Palin’s political career, life as a hockey mom, and her strong Christian faith.” Expect this biography, due out on October 10th, to resonate as successfully if not more so than the anti-Obama books with many of the readers of this nation. Two-thirds of book’s description point to image posturing that is sure to continue to aid the Republican presidential ticket. On the flip side, it is truly quite unfortunate that the critical McCain profiles – “McCain: The Myth of the Maverick” “Gook: McCain’s Racism and Why it Matters” and “Free Ride: John McCain and the Media” – written by much more credible writers haven’t picked up much steam on the best sellers list. But as the best sellers lists go, so too do the elections.

And so we have it. Another PR construct in the form of a big time biography is on the way for McCain-Palin. Rest assured, this is one book she wouldn’t have pondered removing from the shelves of Wasilla’s public library!


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