Subversive Historian – 09/05/08

The Death of Crazy Horse

One-hundred and thirty-one years ago on this day in people’s history, the great Native American leader Crazy Horse was murdered. On September 5th, 1877, the Oglala Sioux warrior was bayoneted to death by a U.S. army guard while in custody. Over the course of his life, Crazy Horse bore witness to many injustices committed against his people by invading U.S. government forces and pledged to fight to preserve the native way of life. Crazy Horse participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn when the U.S. army under General Custer were routed. U.S. troops, after suffering their worst defeat in history by Native Americans, relentlessly pursued Crazy Horse. He was eventually arrested and taken to Fort Robinson where he would meet his untimely death. The body of Crazy Horse was claimed and on the wishes of his father the fallen warrior was buried in secret.

And though his final resting place is not known, respects to him are paid by those who resist in the spirit of Crazy Horse


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