RNC ’08: Whiter than White on Rice in a Glass of Milk on a Paper Plate in a Snowstorm!

John McCain wrapped up his nominating convention with a horrible speech last night and in between snores I played my own version of Where’s Waldo! This RNC was the whitest ever since Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies began tracking diversity at conventions 40 years ago. Given that fact, I scoured the crowd last night and tried to find one of the thirty-six black delegates out of 2,380. It would have been a tough task, but cameramen trying to save face would zoom in on people of color in the audience which frustrated my game! That, my friends, is just not white!

And don’t stop for a minute and think this RNC white out wasn’t concerted. In an election where the first African-American major party candidate is seeking the presidency, a not-so-subtle message was being sent. “Come home to the GOP America, where you’ll feel white at home!”


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