Katrina – The Pain Index – Three Years Later

If not for the gathering winds of Hurricane Gustav, those who would have liked us to forget the tragedy of New Orleans after Katrina might have succeeded. Yesterday marked the third anniversary of that shameful chapter in U.S. history. And even though McCain and Obama pay lip service to the plight of Katrina survivors, neither of them delve deep into the reality of the continued governmental failures in the Gulf Coast today. Thankfully, human rights lawyer and professor of law Bill Quigley set out the on the ground statistics of New Orleans three years after disaster struck. I edited and mixed his Katrina Pain Index as read by Teddy Robinson and Donna Walker and set it to music off the “When the Levees Broke” soundtrack by Terrence Blanchard. It is a small tribute to the city submerged in injustice three years after the waters receded:


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