Pacifica’s Unconventional Wisdom

If you tire of the talking cabezas on corporate cable news networks during this week’s Democratic National Convention, I invite you to visit Pacifica Radio’s 2008 Election Center. There, as always, you will find alternative views and news being expressed. I recommended checking in with Free Speech Radio News anchor Aura Bogado as she updates her blog daily from inside and outside the Pepsi Center in Denver. You can also find Leigh Anne Caldwell’s Election Unspun as well as my own interview with Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and much more.

You can take my humble advice, or, if you prefer, you can continue to subject your eardrums to the yapping of the corporate cable news talking cabezas (Chris Matthews is king cabezon) and as a result never know, say, that protesters are demonstrating outside the Pepsi Center, why they are there, and what the police are doing to them. You also won’t get sound criticism of Obama’s VP pick regarding his senatorial record on Iraq and lots of other stuff CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are wholly incapable of. The choice is here, the choice is yours.


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