Daddy Yank-it Pulls for McCain

As if I needed another reason to dislike reggaeton, its undisputed superstar Daddy Yankee endorsed John McCain’s bid for the presidency today in Phoenix, Arizona. The two made a joint appearance at the high school alma mater of mega-rich Cindy McCain. Giving his approval to “Granddaddy Yankee,” the popular Puerto Rican musician said of McCain that, “he has been a fighter for the Hispanic community, and I know that for me personally, I chose him as the best candidate because he has been a fighter for the immigration issue.” Yankee, whose real name is unfortunately shared with Mexican accordion king Ramon Ayala, went on to praise the senator from Arizona by saying, “I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation.”

This is exactly what happens when the ‘people en espanol’ celebrity culture meets a convoluted sense of Latino politics! (And to be fair, I’m not too up on the celebrity shot outs for Obama either, Will.I.Am I’m looking at you!) In reality, McMyth’s position on immigration is an anathema to humane reform and it’s unfortunate that a star like Daddy Yankee, who wields such influence, would woefully misinform young people with his ignorance. Daddy Yankee, is this what Pedro Albizu Campos fought and died for? So you can make horrible, repetitive nalga-shaking music, and follow it up with bad political endorsements?

Oh well, “lo que paso, paso”

If anything good could ever come of this, I would just like to see McCain attempt to star in a reggaeton campaign video singing “dame mas gasolina!” while pontificating his nonsensical plans for drilling…and I’d only like to see this because McCain has no rhythm and is stiffer than a four hour priapism!


2 responses to “Daddy Yank-it Pulls for McCain

  1. What a moron. And even if McCain were “para la gente,” you know his VP choice is going to be some anti-immigrant loon to placate the Know Nothings…

  2. Like my abuela used to say, mira no mas, que mal educados.

    Heavy sigh.

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